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Is Your Car Clutch Failing You? Check Out These Signs.

Like brakes, your vehicle clutch plays a crucial role in enabling you to change the gear smoothly.  Clutches also wear over time and have to be replaced. So, when the clutch has issues or has wear and tear, your vehicle will show up with warning signs. And while you go for car services, be sure to check your car clutches for safety. When the clutch is not working properly, it may also cause problems in your transmission system. This is why you must take car service in Melbourne more seriously and follow the manual to check for services in due.

Unusual Vibrations

When your clutch feels spongy or sticky or vibrates when you press it, there might be issues with your clutch. It takes a lot more effort to press them down, it’s time to check your car clutch from trained mechanics.

Strange Noises

Aside from vibrations, you may hear squeaking, screeching or a grumbling noise when you press down on the pedal or every time you shift. It should be a concern & you must check your clutch and transmission system by a trained specialist.

Poor Acceleration

If your engine is revving up or not accelerating, this could be a sign of a clutch issue & you need to check them as soon as possible.

Grinding Gears

When you’re facing trouble shifting gears every time, you must understand that something is wrong within your clutch system. If you press hard on the clutch or does not drive smoothly, or the grinding is persistent, get a car mechanic in Melbourne to inspect your clutch and transmission system. If you experience a slipping clutch, which causes a momentary loss of acceleration, it’s not safe to drive the car & you must get it serviced immediately.

If you experience any of the above issues, your clutch needs some attention. At Satguru Motors, we have trained and trusted mechanics to handle your clutch and transmission issues. For appointments, call 03 9305 2278 today