Is your car over-heating? Is your car radiator getting old? Satguru Motors offers air-conditioning servicing, repairs & conversion for all vehicle makes and models at highly competitive prices in Campbellfield, Epping & surrounding suburbs.


Regular servicing and early detection of problems are extremely crucial to keep your air conditioning running for many years to come. Proper maintaining of your car’s cooling system as per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule will prevent serious problems. Here at Satguru Motors, we have a team of licensed mechanics who are expert in diagnosing and fixing vehicle’s air conditioning problems.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Or Replacement:

  • Lack of cool air coming from the vents
  • Poor air flow through your AC vents
  • Thermostat problems
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Squealing, grinding or grating sounds from your AC
  • Foul or pungent smells from the AC vents

Our Comprehensive Evaluation of Car AC System Includes

  • Inspecting the internal control & blower
  • Conducting cooling system pressure test
  • Checking compressor belt
  • Looking for leaks and other damages
  • Checking radiator coolant, radiator cap, hoses & thermostat
  • Measuring the temperature of the vent air

Our Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Services Include

  • Coolant System Flush:

With time, the AC coolant gets dirty and impacts the system’s performance. We execute coolant system flush that ensures maximum performance of your car’s air conditioner.

  • Fan Belts:

Fan belts are responsible for rotating the engine pump and water pump, maintaining a cool environment. We will inspect the fan belts, replace the worn belts or adjust the pre-installed belts.

  • Hoses:

Hoses are meant for transferring coolant and antifreeze throughout the cooling system. If something goes wrong with this component, it needs immediate attention. We will inspect, repair and replace the hoses to the manufacturer standard.

  • Radiators:

The radiators cool the engine by circulating the engine coolant through a set of tubes. When the radiator stops working, it would damage the engine components. We will inspect the radiators and provide services to restore its functionality.

  • Radiator Flush:

Radiator keeps the engine cool and prevents excessive heating. The cooling system gets clogged due to the build-up of rust, sludge, and solid deposits. With regular radiator flush, we can keep your system in perfect condition.

When it comes to air conditioner repairs, you want a mechanic who has immense experience. Whether you want to get your AC checked or tune up your car for the drive ahead, you can count on Satguru Motors. For appointments, call us at 03 9305 2278.