Transmission Repairs Melbourne

Transmission is intended to transfer the power generated by the engine to the wheels and drive axle using different gears. They are the most complicated components in a vehicle and are the combination of complex hydraulics and computer-controlled components. Here at Satguru Motors, we provide transmission repair and replacement services to our customers across Campbellfield, Epping & nearby suburbs. We have the immense knowledge to work on all types of transmissions and provide the best services every time.

transmission repairs

Symptoms of Transmission Problems:

  • Whining & clunking noise
  • Poor response when switching gears
  • Burning or pungent smell
  • Burnt or cloudy transmission fluid
  • Leaking fluid
  • Grinding gears
  • Bumping sounds in neutral
  • Check-engine light on

Whether you have noticed the signs of transmission problem or you want to get a full inspection as a part of scheduled maintenance, our certified mechanics will provide personalised services at reasonable prices. We will use our knowledge to your advantage and make your car’s transmission function seamlessly. We have a deep understanding of all types of transmissions and go with reliable parts to provide a long-lasting solution.

Our Transmission Repair Process:

We conduct an external transmission check that involves evaluating the level of transmission fluid and inspection of all transmission components. If we are not able to detect the problem in our external check, we recommend an internal inspection. This involves detaching and inspecting every component for wear and damages. Our diagnostic procedures are exceptional that we can identify the source of the problem and the right solution the first time around.

Why Choose Us For Transmission Repairs?

  • From complimentary towing to major repairs, we handle everything
  • We provide transmission repair and services for domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • We do a complete transmission rebuild for all makes.
  • We work on both standard and automatic transmission
  • We are reliable and our services are cost-effective

If your vehicle is experiencing trouble in shifting, high revving, slipping gears or lagging acceleration, give our trusted professionals a call at 03 9305 2278. We will get the job done right, the right way.