Starter Motor & Alternator Melbourne

Is your car acting up lately? Have a dead battery? Then it might be the time to service or repair your car’s starter motor and alternator. Here at Satguru Motors, we provide starter motor & alternator service & repairs to our customers in Campbellfield, Epping, and surrounding suburbs at competitive prices.

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How Do Starter Motor & Alternator Work?

The alternator provides electricity to various components and stores excess power in the car’s battery. When you turn your key, the electricity from the battery flows through the starter motor to start the engine. If the alternator is not charging the battery, it can’t provide enough electricity to the starter and you will not be able to turn over the engine.

We Can Fix It For You…

The process of troubleshooting an alternator and starter motor can quickly become a tedious task. Let our car mechanics take away the stress of determining the problem and providing quality services. We are equipped with advanced tools that help us to figure out the problem and provide the long-term solution. If your starter and alternator need replacement, we will use high-quality parts and ensure that you can be back on the road worry-free.

Our Typical Starter Motor & Alternator Services:

  • Alternator output test
  • Charging system test
  • Alternator load test
  • AVR test
  • Starter draw test
  • Starter voltage test
  • Starter cable replacement
  • Starter solenoid replacement

Why Choose Us For Starter & Alternator Problems?

  • We use quality part either brand new or re-conditioned depending on your request.
  • We offer 12 months warranty on new or reconditioned parts.
  • After the parts have been installed our technicians make sure your vehicle is starting well once again.
  • We can work on vehicles of all makes and restore their functionality to the industry standard.
  • We have strict adherence to precision and performance of our reconditioned parts.
  • All our services are competitive without any compromise on the quality.

Our certified mechanics can quickly solve any problem with your starter &alternator and even help you with replacements. For estimate and queries, call us at 03 9305 2278