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Are Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections Important?

The answer is yes! Especially when you’re a new buyer allotted a big sum for your car purchase, it’s good to invest in a vehicle that’s of number one quality, safety and high-performance. However, if you’re not a trained person or someone with in-depth car knowledge, it’s fair to get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection done by a qualified & certified mobile mechanic Campbellfield. Also, many car buyers these days prefer having a vehicle inspection as it is a daunting process & nobody wants to spend money on 1000+ repairs.

So, have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle and tell whether your investment is worth it. Here we have compiled some reasons that might support your decision.

Physical & Internal Examination

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection involves a complete diagnosis of the car. You’ll get a look-over of the exterior and interior as well as an examination of the mobile mechanics. They will get under the hood and check your car engine, electrical system, front and rear suspension, steering, transmission, fluid levels, battery, brake and the clutch and all other parts. Based on the inspection, you will get a detailed report on the car’s health & performance.

Car’s history & Documentation

When you hire a verified mobile mechanic for a vehicle inspection, you will also get the car documents logbook maintenance & you will have an overview of the services it has undergone and accordingly approve or negotiate the price.

Road Test

After exterior & interior examination,  the mechanic will run a road test to check the performance. They’ll watch out for noises and any discomfort they feel during the test drive and note it down. All the imperfections and performance lags will be verified during the test & addressed in the report. So, you will have a detailed description of your vehicle & ensure to make your car purchase reliable and safe.

If you’re a new car buyer and want to ensure your investment is worth it, choose the verified mobile mechanics from Satguru Motors. For reliable pre-purchase vehicle inspections, call 03 9305 2278 today.