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How Often Should You Check Your Brake Fluid?

In short, the answer is once every year, you need to check your brake system. Not all car owners know about the brake system. There is no deep understanding of how crucial the brake fluid is for the system. Let us tell you. Brake fluid is crucial for the proper functioning of the brake system. You must understand that any Car Mechanic Campbellfield routine should involve a brake checkup and brake fluid change. If you’re opting for a full brake fluid flush, check with a trusted & experienced mechanic.

So, What Does A Brake Fluid Do?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that lubricates the components & parts of the brake system, promoting smooth functioning and preventing corrosion. We recommend consulting your owner’s manual for a manufacturer-recommended brake fluid type.

When To Replace Them?

If your brake pedal is too hard to press or has a burnt smell and your ABS light is illuminating, it’s time for a brake fluid flush. When it comes to brake fluid checks, you must hire an experienced mechanic to inspect the brake system, look for leakage and check if the fluid is clean or contaminated.

Sometimes brake fluid change also depends on your make and model, individual driving habits, and typical driving conditions. However, your Mobile Mechanic Campbellfield can tell whether you need to change the brake fluid with each service. If you have an oil change at an auto repair shop or car service center, ask the technicians to check your brake fluid.

If you’re experiencing weird noises or a metal clanking sound, make sure to listen to the sound and check with a mechanic to check your brake fluid promptly and, if necessary, top off the fluid or flush & change it.

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