Car Service Somerton – Mobile Mechanic Somerton

Car Service SomertonSatguru Motors is a professional auto repair centre that is committed to delivering quality and reliable services to our customers across Somerton and nearby suburbs. With years of experience, we have built a reputation for our high standard of car service and competitive prices. Our car mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and are constantly trained to work on vehicles of all makes and models.

Our Services Include:
Logbook Service:

Cars that are still under warranty should be serviced only by qualified automotive repair centre. We provide logbook service using high-quality parts as per manufacturer’s specifications without voiding your new car manufacturer warranty. Upon completion, we fill in all the necessary details and get your logbook stamped.

Roadworthy Certificates:

Before transferring your used car to a new owner, you need a roadworthy certificate in Victoria to prove that your vehicle meets the required safety standards. Our mechanics inspect your vehicle and do everything necessary to get you the certificate of roadworthiness for your vehicle.

Mechanical Repairs:

Whether you are unable to start the vehicle or got stuck in the middle of the road, our mobile mechanics come to your place and provide an exemplary solution to all mechanical repairs. We are equipped with advanced technology and tools to get the job done right the first time around.

Mobile Mechanic Somerton

Brake & Clutch Repairs:

Regular maintenance of brakes and clutches is extremely crucial to ensure your safety. From periodic inspection to the replacement of damaged components, our expert team is on hand to help you with your brake & clutch repairs needs.

Tyre & Wheel Alignment:

If you notice uneven tyre wear, it could be the result of misaligned wheels. Here at Satguru Motors, we provide wheel alignment service that involves adjusting the wheels as per the manufacturer’s specifications. If your car tyres are completely worn out, we also offer tyre replacement and fitting services at reasonable prices.

From pre-purchase vehicle inspection to complex repair, Satguru Motors provides a full range of car repair services under one roof. To schedule an appointment, feel free to call us at 03 9305 2278.